Selling a Picasso

Picasso is the best selling artist of all artists, alive and gone.

Once in a while there is a year when some other artist sells more, because one artwork sold for a huge record price that year. If you look at Picasso sales over 10 or 20 years however, you will see that more years than not, he outsells everyone else.

Perhaps you have grown tired of your Picasso and would like to sell it too.

Of course you can do it yourself, if you have lots of free time, patience and don’t get frustrated no matter what.

Perhaps you just need some tips, some advice, and we will be happy to provide them free of charge.

Maybe you could use a little help, such as for writing an appealing history of your Picasso and a good description. Again, we will be happy to help.

If, however, you are busy, you are active, you are already short of time, or simply have no interest in learning how to sell a Picasso, we also offer full brokerage services. We do everything.

Naturally, your Picasso needs to be solidly authenticated and we hope you will use our outstanding authentication services.