Review of Works
by Picasso That
Have Been Rejected

You have probably arrived at Picasso Experts after a long road with other art specialists who have rejected your painting. You think that you have a high-quality painting on your hands, and a specialist rejected it without any analysis or study.

There are many reasons for rejections, and they usually don't refer specifically to the painting:

  • They do not understand the information you gave them.
  • They cannot see the photos well.
  • The specialist is not really a specialist.
  • The painting you want to have analyzed is different than other well-known works by the artist.
  • It is not catalogued.
  • There is an absence of a chain of ownership.
  • There are specialists who only look at museum-quality pieces, without considering other types of works.
  • Some specialists don't know how to observe digital photos with a critical eye to come to a sound judgment.
  • Other similar reasons.

It may also be that the painting has been in your family for several years and does not have a buying and selling history, it has not been in auction houses, nor is it in any auction catalogs. If this is the case, it will be very difficult for your painting to be recognized and accepted as a Picasso. Auction houses prefer that paintings have trade or catalog records because it lowers their risk of selling a work that is not authentic and having to face a lawsuit.

Faced with this situation, your frustration is understandable. Picasso Experts is at your service to review the work you want to investigate. We have overturned rejections by seasoned "specialists" many times.

Your painting deserves special consideration. To reach a conclusion, we complete rigorous analyses and meticulous investigations that will be reflected in a report with the details of the work completed and the results.

We have helped many clients in similar situations. Please contact us.