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Pablo Picasso produced about 13,500 paintings.


He drew 19,000 drawings and filled 174 sketchbooks.


He created about 2,400 series of prints, some of them in small editions of 15 or less, but the bulk of them in larger editions from 50 to over 300. The result is a total output of about 200,000 sheets produced during Picasso’s lifetime and under his supervision.


Picasso also created and produced 633 different ceramic series. The smallest editions were of 25 pieces but many were produced in the hundreds all the way to editions of 500.Sujet Poissonfor example was issued in an edition of 500. It is likely that the total production of ceramic pieces amounts to about 120,000 units.

Including the pieces that are unique, one-of-a-kind, Picasso produced about 3,000 different ceramic pieces.


How many sculptures and bronze series Picasso produced is not known for certain. Several publications mention that he created 300 sculptures but there is reliable information showing the number is substantially higher. For example, when the New York Museum of Modern Art was preparing its 2015 Picasso sculptures exhibition, it recorded about 600 sculptures. Another example is that when Picasso died, an astonishing 45,000 artworks were found in his estate and 1,228 of them were sculptures of his, according to the estate inventory. Obviously, he had not kept every sculpture he ever created. This is why we estimate that the total number of Picasso sculptures might be as high as between 1,500 and 2,000.


Picasso illustrated 153 books and some of them were produced in valuable numbered and signed editions.


Picasso engraved and etched a large but unknown number of copper printing plates and he also made 12 woodcuts.

This is what we authenticate by Pablo Picasso.

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