Picasso Experts History

Timeline of
Pablo Picasso's Life

  • Event

  • Picasso is born in Malaga on October 25.

  • Picasso's family moves to Corunna.

  • Picasso moves with his family to Barcelona. He is admitted into the School of Fine Arts.

  • He has his first individual exhibition in Els Quatre Gats in Barcelona.

  • Bio

    Entrance of Els Quatre Gats

  • Event

  • The Blue Period begins, characterized by pessimistic themes and elongated figures.

  • He moves to Paris permanently. The Rose Period begins, dominated by the circus theme.

  • He paints The Young Ladies of Avignon with such a revolutionary concept that the painting is rejected even by avant-garde painters and critics.

  • First cubist paintings.

  • First collages.

  • Although Picasso never joined the surrealist movement, the first indications of its influence appear in his works.

  • Picasso works on his first sculptures.

  • He paints Guernica, a mural inspired by the bombing of this Basque city and for which he completed sixty preparatory sketches.

  • Picasso joins the French Communist Party.

  • He paints the mural The Fall of Icarus for the UNESCO building in Paris.

  • Picasso moves to Mougins.

  • Picasso dies on April 8.