Timeline of
Pablo Picasso's Life

  • Event

  • Picasso is born in Malaga on October 25.

  • Picasso's family moves to Corunna.

  • Picasso moves with his family to Barcelona. He is admitted into the School of Fine Arts.

  • He has his first individual exhibition in Els Quatre Gats in Barcelona.

  • Bio

    Entrance of Els Quatre Gats

  • The Blue Period begins, characterized by pessimistic themes and elongated figures.

  • He moves to Paris permanently. The Rose Period begins, dominated by the circus theme.

  • He paints The Young Ladies of Avignon with such a revolutionary concept that the painting is rejected even by avant-garde painters and critics.

  • First cubist paintings.

  • First collages.

  • Barcelona. Picasso spent time with his family.

  • Picasso tells Jean Cocteau in a letter about working diligently on Parade.

  • Picasso and Cocteau meet in Paris and travel together to Rome and the Ballets Russes rehearsals for Parade.

    Picasso is often at rehearsals; he sketches satirical portraits.

    Works a studio on Via Margutta in Rome.

  • Picasso (with Diaghilev, Cocteau and Massine) in Naples, Pompeii, Herculaneum.

  • Picasso’s drawings are included in a new publication Nord-Sud.

    Max Jacob (French poet and painter, 1876-1944) sends a letter to Picasso deploring the current state of contemporary art.

  • Event

  • leaves Rome for Naples with Diaghilev, Massine, Stravinsky, Ansermet; Parade is in Naples from 21 – 23 April.

  • Picasso back to Rome.

  • Picasso in Paris

  • Parade opens in Paris at the Théâtre du Châtelet.

    The audience boos at some of the performance.

    Two critics praise it: Maurice Raynal and Juan Gris, the artist.

  • Ballets Russes performance in Madrid.

  • Picasso summoned to Madrid by Diaghilev and Olga.

    Ballets Russes performs from June 23 to June 20 at the Teatro de Liceo.

  • Picasso attends closing ceremony for a French art exhibit at Barcelona’s Palau de Belles Artes.

  • Ballets Russes departs for Latin America, but Olga stays behind.

  • Picasso’s artist friends throw a party for him in Barcelona.

  • Picasso creates ten oil paintings including: Olga Picasso in an Armchair.

  • Picasso and Ansermet go to the the bullfight commemorating the Virgin of El Pilar.

  • Ballet Russes in Barcelona.

  • Picasso and Olga go to Madrid.

  • Picasso (now with Olga) moves back to Montrouge, a suburb of Paris. In part, he moves to the suburbs rather than staying in the city because of the threat of contagion in the city. It is about three miles from the border of the city of Paris.

  • Picasso paints two small paintings of Olga and a drawing of Montrouge. Picasso worked and lived in Montrouge until 1918. The photographer Robert Doisneau and other artists lived in Montrouge at about the same time.

  • Although Picasso never joined the surrealist movement, the first indications of its influence appear in his works.

  • Picasso works on his first sculptures.

  • He paints Guernica, a mural inspired by the bombing of this Basque city and for which he completed sixty preparatory sketches.

  • Picasso joins the French Communist Party.

  • He paints the mural The Fall of Icarus for the UNESCO building in Paris.

  • Picasso moves to Mougins.

  • Picasso dies on April 8.