Who Are the
Picasso Experts?

In 2002, we began offering identification, authentication, appraisal, and attribution services for works by Pablo Picasso.

We have experts located in different countries, which allows us access to a wide range of archives and museums around the world. Likewise, the Picasso Experts team can communicate in several languages, achieving better communication with our clients.

Our experts are licensed by USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice), thus covering the guidelines that regulate appraisals within the territory of the United States.

To discover if a Picasso painting is authentic, Picasso Experts utilizes all existing resources, including forensic analysis methods, special photography, document investigation, traditional knowledge of art, and any other scientific test deemed necessary, as well as the assessment of crucial elements for analysis.

Our work, with regard to authentication and appraisal of works by Pablo Picasso, is complemented by ongoing investigation, as well as work in conservatorship and publications about the life and work of Pablo Picasso.

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