Invest in Art

Since the 1980s, art investment has been growing exponentially, as works tend to increase in value continually over time. There are increasingly more people interested in investing in art.

As can be observed, auction houses are offering paintings at record prices.

In the current market, there are thousands of small and mid-level buyers desiring to enter and remain in the art collecting market as much for the love of art as for a speculative interest. Important investment funds and banks are also drawing closer to art in order to invest their clients' assets.

In this business, it is advisable to keep the diversification of your investment profile in mind, but you must also have a great amount of knowledge and dedication.

Picasso Experts offers services to an increasingly wide audience that wants to learn about, invest in, and collect art. Our group of experts will advise you at any time. We have experts and graduates in art history as well as specialists and fiscal and financial consultants to advise you and facilitate your purchase.

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